Here’s A Quick SOLUTION TO Solve A Problem with YOGA MAT BAG

A Yoga Mat Bag is a pretty important accessory when it comes to yoga practice. In the event that you practice regularly, sooner or later you can be consider purchasing your own yoga mat.

This is inevitable for anyone who is serious about their practice. As soon as you invest in your mat, you’ll start carrying it to class, and recognize that it’s not super easy. Your mat will have a tendency to unroll, curl up and do other inconvenient stuff. Time for a bag, you’ll say yourself. That’s once you should remember this article.

Exactly like with mats, yoga bags come in all sorts of colors, sizes, fabric styles etc. You will end up faced with a myriad of related accessories by way of a million different brands. Steps to make the right choice?

Here are the simplest ideas to consider, when choosing the right yoga mat bag.


Keep in mind, that most yoga mat bags are designed to fit a typical thin PVC mat (the kind you find at your neighborhood budget yoga studio). If are this far in the purchase cycle, chances are you already have reduced mat, best indoor cycling app thicker and wider than standard size. Well, guess what? Most mat bags won’t fit your mat.

When you have a thick and wide mat – you need a large bag, such as the Manduka Mat Sak.


Most premium as well as intermediate mats are made from natural rubber. Treated or not, it still has enough pores to harvest bacterial growth.

If your yoga bag is manufactured out of non-breathable material, your mat will get stinky extremely fast. The more “natural” and “eco-friendly” your yoga mat is, the worse it well smell if the yoga mat bag will not let it breathe.

Choose your material wisely, make sure there are air holes which will allow air circulation.

Size agan

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You may not think about it at first, but you can use your yoga mat bag as a gym bag. You can carry your small belongings in the same bag. This would ensure it is really convenient, you won’t need any additional bags. Before you buy your bag, ensure you will have enough room for the stuff.